Workout clothes for women- 3 chicest trends For this Fall

In the clothing world, not too long ago, the term ‘trend’ was exclusive to fashion staple. Few would have thought then of trends existing in the utility wears department. Things surely have changed today. The line between fashion and fitness apparels has been blurred, with the later ones becoming the go-to staple for many.

This season in particular, we’re seeing a swarm of new varieties in the fitness clothing department. And for fashion forward ladies, telling apart “what’s hot and what’s not" is important.

Here are 3 latest workout wear trends that women around the world are drolling over this season—and so should you-

  • Smart Wears- Technology already has made a grand entrance in the fitness clothing world with people going gaga over the smart bras, tops and shorts that can track your heart rate, breathing rate, running distance, bounce, ground contact time and other metrics. Needless to say, they are going to cost you heaps. If you can afford them, good; if not, stick with the regular workout clothes—they aren’t bad.
  • Print crop tops- Ditching the ‘shirtless look’, many women are rooting for print crop tops this season. Comfortable and easily breathable even for high-impact exercises, the tops look chic and vow a perfect casual appearance, but with an edgy feel, that onlookers can’t but compliment.
  • White leggings- All-white workout look is the new fashion fad that women are rallying behind, including top celebrities. Get in white bras (or crop tops, shirts) and white calf leggings, and you’re ready with a neat appearance, looking perfect for even hours of running, yoga and lifting.

So end your quest for the best workout clothes for women of this season. Head out for workout leggings, shorts, tops and online bra shopping and stash your wardrobe with what’s ‘in’.